Expert Midwife Reveals The Sweet Reason Why Meghan Markle Can't Stop Cradling Her Baby Bump

Date October 29, 2018

News about Meghan's pregnancy isn't fading away. Every day, with a blink of an eye, different stories and videos about Harry and Meghan come out, rattling on the ins and outs of their lives.

The royal couple is expecting their first baby in spring 2019, and they honestly can't wait to welcome their inheritor. They are still fulfilling their duties in the Commonwealth tour, but every time they admit how much they are excited to have a kid.

The Duchess, 37, said that she couldn't wait to join the club. And we can't wait to finally see the cute face of their little offspring very soon. 


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Undeniable mother-child attachment

We are pretty sure that you've noticed this little thing – the way Meghan cradles her baby bump all along. And probably it annoys someone or causes some suspicions. 

Markle's on the second trimester of gestation, and her tiny bump sometimes seems not tiny at all, depending on the outfit she chooses on the occasions. People accuse Meghan of faking her emotions or demanding attention by touching her bump, but it's not the truth.

Lesley Gilchrist co-founder of My Expert Midwife said that it's a natural impulse.

No matter how tiny the bump is, as an expectant mother navigates changes in her body, feels new sensations, and instinctively protects her unborn baby.  

Moreover, it is her first pregnancy, and she feels the need to protect her baby from absolutely anything on the way.

There are many reflexes and primitive instincts that remain with us, as humans, today. For many women, they will be unaware that they are instinctively "guarding" their baby. Many of those instincts are triggered when thoughts of their baby, the sight of another baby and discussions of baby happen. 


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A female harbors a set of different feelings, and it varies from one woman to another. Thus, someone feels the desire to be 'in touch' with a baby by cradling a baby bump.

The personal interaction between the mother and baby should be respected.

April's baby?

Many people think that baby's due in April 2019. These suggestions ensued due to her 3 stacked rings with different colored stones by the Canadian brand Ecksand. As a result, the rocks may depict birthstones of Prince Harry and the upcoming baby. 

Wearing emerald, sapphire, and marquise diamond, Duchess may hint on a month of childbirth (April) since diamond is the birthstone for this month. Also, emerald symbolizes either own birthstone (August) or anniversary (May). The blue sapphire refers to September, which is Harry's birthday. 


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Well, that's another quiz to resolve, right? 

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