Meghan's Nephew, Tyler Dooley, Says How Much He Admires His Aunt: "She Has Always Been So Pleasant And Full Of Life"


November 1, 2018 15:47 By Fabiosa

Since the day Meghan stepped into the royal family, her flesh and bones started accusing her, putting in a bad spotlight, and giving false statements to the media.

For instance, Samantha Markle's words over Meghan's 'arrogance' flew all over the web. Duchess's sister, 53, first attempted to make some amends with her and now slams Meghan for the inspiring speech in Fiji.

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Meghan Markle told about her education's challenges and as a whole. She recalled scholarships, financial aid programs, working to be able to afford university. While she impressed and inspired others, Samantha started accusing her of lies. 

Our father paid for all of her education! This speech is not true. Stop the enabling! Do not ever reward a lie it does not matter how fluffy it is! It is wrong, and there is no force on the planet that will take this away from my father. She should inspire women with the truth and with gratitude! Roll [sic] model thankfulness [sic] and truth, not lies.

Seems like Samantha and her father, Thomas, are in one mafia, aren't they?

The unexpected support for former Suits actress

Meghan is always subjected to accuses and biases even from her family. Perhaps only her mother has been beside her all along. 

However, Duchess's nephew, Tyler Dooley, 25, is also in her team. Tyler conceded that he'd always admired his aunt for what she does and who she is. 

I've always admired her, from when I was a small child, and I've always looked up to her. She has always been so pleasant and full of life.


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He went on saying about other family members who embarrass Meghan. Dooley stated that it should be stopped by all means, and the real family would never do such things. 

She has never done anything wrong to anybody, and she's successful, she's smart, she's beautiful. There's nothing not to like.

Meghan's Nephew, Tyler Dooley, Says How Much He Admires His Aunt: "She Has Always Been So Pleasant And Full Of Life"gettyimages

Well, we're sure Meghan is full of the joy of spring over such statement. It's always nice to realize that someone is there for you. 

Toxic family 

Tyler Dooley doesn't only protect his auntie, but also claims about his family being irrational. 

The fact is, my father and my aunt are not nice people. They’re not kind, and they’re toxic, and that’s just a fact. I’d really hope they would stop talking about Meghan and just move on with their lives.

Tyler refuses using the last name Markle because he doesn't want everybody to think that he's one of them. 

There’s a reason I go by Dooley instead of my legal last name of Markle: They’re toxic. What they’re doing is just embarrassing.

We do agree with Dooley that the Markles are out of line. A family doesn't do these dirty tricks to own flesh and bone. Do you agree?

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