"This Was Just A Simple Picture Of A Sisterly Hug" : George W. Bush Photobombs Sweet Photo From Barbara Bush's Wedding

Date October 16, 2018

Barbara Bush has always been attached to twin Jenna Bush Hager. The sisters consider each other more than just flesh and bone: they are best friends as well. 

Jenna and Barabara have been together from birth to the White House, and still have this inevitable bond, which they toughen more and more every single time. Barbara  said

Jenna is my point of reference. I’ve never known the world without her in it, minus one minute. Or without her next to me.


Beautiful girls, beautiful weekend. 💕 📸 @avose @allisonvsmith

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Barbara Bush shared a bunch of loveliest moments with her bestie, and it's hard not to get emotional. We do know there are a lot of stories of siblings being close, but the way little sister tells flashbacks just melts our hearts.

It is the ability to prod laughter and love no matter how much your heart might hurt. Someone who sees you exactly as you are and thinks that is enough. Someone who will walk next to you always so that there is no ‘scarlet ibis,’ who hugs you just a bit too tight because in the back of both your minds you assume that’s how you snuggled in the womb.

And of course, Jenna was delighted at her sister's wedding. She couldn't stop crying and just being so emotional for Barbara.

There were so many happy tears.


It was a wonderful day in Maine when Barbara married her love and Craig joined our family. 📸 @paulmorsephoto

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"Happy tears and heart exploding"

Jenna Bush Hader was so amazingly cute and happy for Barbara that she decided to memorize and brighten this day by some photos.




But who would expect that a hilarious man would ruin the moment? Yes, we are implying their father, George W. Bush. "Just a photo of a sisterly hug" turned to "#popsiclephotobomb."


Thought this was just a simple picture of a sisterly hug. #popsiclephotobomb

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Bush family always seems unbelievably delighted, friendly, and awesome. They exchange emotions, feelings, dreams, ambitions along with touching photos showing their family bond and loyalty.




The rush

According to the recent interview at PEOPLE, a beautiful bride confessed that she hurried up the big day solely for George H.W. Bush.

He’s great — totally with it. He is, of course, 94 years old and misses my grandmother. … We just thought, let’s try to do [the wedding] soon — a small wedding with just our family and my grandfather, here.

Moreover, newlyweds had a small ceremony in Maine, where Barbara with her other half, Craig Coyne, had a fantastic time with her grandfather.

It was just us three — quiet and beautiful. I would read to him. While he napped, Craig and I would go on walks, then dress my grandfather up and take him out for martinis and oysters.

Barbara further said that she hadn't gotten time to introduce her future husband to a grandmother since she'd died before it. Thus Barbara didn't want to extend the wedding date because of grandfather' health issues.


Poppy and Poppy! Magical memories of a beautiful night. 💫💫

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We are thrilled for a plethora of things in this family: the twins' bond, a joyful interaction between all family members, sister's coherence to grandparents along with unconditional love to everybody.

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