Andrea Bocelli And Marta Sanchez's Duet "Vivo Por Ella" Mesmerizes Everybody Even Now

Date October 17, 2018

'Vivo por ella' ("I live for her") is one of the most breathtaking songs of Andrea Bocelli, dedicated to music. "Her" doesn't refer to a woman of his life or something like that, but to his passion.

The challenge is all about Romanic language since they use feminine or masculine gender to all nouns. Yet the verse  "vivo per lei, la musica" ("I live for it, music") eliminates the possibility of love to female for all English speakers.

The incredible collaboration

Initially, Bocelli sang this song alone, but later he recorded a moving duet with Marta Sanchez. Precisely this moment got even deeper meaning for 'Vivo por ella'.

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You can notice how meaningful they sing giving all their hearts, feelings, and minds to provide the insight of musical importance in their lives. They sing, "Vivo por ella y no me pesa" (en. - 'I live for her, and I'm not sorry about it').

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Mexican TV

In 1998, 'Vivo por ella' was used in telenovela Vivo Por Elena as the opening theme. 

It's crazy to realize how music can mean the world to somebody, though it's not surprising. There are a bunch of stories revealing how music helps and heals broken hearts. Thus, Bocelli and Sanchez portrayed the core value of music through the warmhearted duet.

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