Russian Actress Evelina Bledans Slaps Woman For Criticizing Her Down Syndrome Son And Getting IVF At 49 Y.O.

Date October 29, 2018

Evelina Bledans, 49, is a Russian theatre/TV actress, singer, and TV host. In 2012, she had her second son, Semyon, who was born with Down syndrome. The pregnancy was a gift for the actress, who finally experienced maternal bliss. Her husband, Alexander, supported her and was at her side 24/7. He stated in an interview:

These nine months, we practically did not leave each other. I have already begun to think that my stomach had stuck to Evelina's stomach. But seriously, I do not think that pregnancy is a process where only a woman should participate. 


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Evelina also acknowledged that doctors had suggested an abortion after confirming Down syndrome in the 14th week of gestation. 

I was offered an abortion, but my husband and I didn’t even think about it. We'd even give birth to a dragon! It doesn't matter. 


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She came to the show and left after slapping a woman

According to a statement, she could have given birth to a daughter in her first marriage, but a creep attacked her in the park, and the baby was born dead. So, she dreamt of having a 3rd child, and in August 2018, Evelina Bledans got pregnant a 3rd time via IVF.

I got used to relying only on myself in this life. I had very rich husbands, but I always worked in marriages & put off money. Now I want to give birth for myself, not for a man.


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In September 2018, the Russian actress attended a talk show in Moscow discussing life events. However, she was seriously criticized for getting IVF at 49 by a woman, who said that Evelina was just doing it for PR.

You'll give brith to a baby with Down syndrome again! Nobody needs such people: neither you nor society. 


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Since Evelina was hurting after such rude words, she came up to the offender and slapped her face, screaming, "This is for my child!"

You can say anything you want to me, but never abuse my kid. Do you understand? 

Down syndrome awareness

After Semyon's birth, Evelina decided to spread the word about this abnormality. A lot of people are born with DS across the globe, but it is essential to contribute background, knowledge, and solutions to societies.

Russia allows women to leave their kids with DS at the hospital, and Evelina and husband wanted to change that. Most females are now happy to keep their babies despite DS.

Evelina and Alexander's campaign - Sema Semin - saved a lot of children's lives from loneliness and orphanages.

We arrange lectures, forums, and support parents with information at There you can watch video tutorials and chat with experts.


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Never abandon a child, and never judge somebody. Live, love, and support the world!

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