'I Wish I Was Brave Enough To Say No': Jane Fonda Admits She Regrets Having Plastic Surgery

Date September 25, 2018

Boasting of a career that has spanned over 4 decades, the delectable actress and fitness enthusiast remains celebrated.

One look at Jane Fonda and you would know that the 80-year-old loves to take care of her body. Though we know she had some work done, Jane seems to prefer not to talk about it all the time.


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Earlier in the year, Jane insinuated that Megyn Kelly was a terrible talk show host for asking about her plastic surgery. Megyn whipped with a caustic comeback, saying it was strange that Jane would suddenly refuse to talk about something she was sharing before.

Perhaps, Jane simply preferred to keep the conversation around the movie she was promoting at the time, ‘Our Souls at Night’.

Regardless, Jane has spoken about it in the past, and it is time for us to see what she had to say.

Jane regrets her decision to do plastic surgery

Back in 2015, Jane told The Guardian that she wished she had been brave enough not to have surgery. But on the flip side, she had bought herself a decade.

I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade.”

In 2011, the iconic celebrity revealed that she had made a promise before that she would never go under the knife, but upon seeing her reflection in a window one day, she was seized by fear.

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In spite of her broken vow, Jane explained to W Magazine that she wanted to give older women a cultural face. This is most likely why she got minimal work done - just getting rid of her eye bags and a nip-tuck under her chin.

Daddy had a hand in it

Jane Fonda is another classic example of how parents shape their children. She said that growing up, her dad filled her head with the notion that it was all about the looks. This is the idea that still proliferates today.

What must have driven this thought into her head was how her father had always sent the tacit message that unless she looked perfect, she would not be loved. No doubt, this spurred her on.


Well, Jane, it does not matter what you have been through. You look great and your worth surpasses how you look.

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