President Donald Trump Attributes His Life Success To His Super Genes

Date September 20, 2018

The American culture is one of the most liberal cultures ever. The land of the free and home of the brave allows any of her citizens to attain success irrespective of their beginning. The word 'self-made' was coined by one of the country's senators, Henry Clay.

President Trump believes in good genes rather than self-made

Despite the country's belief in self-made success, it's 45th President seems to think otherwise. President Donald Trump has to be one of the most controversial presidents in the United States' history.

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Ever since his presidential campaign, a lot of scandals have trailed him. From labeling respected media outlets as reporters of 'fake news' to his divisive stance on immigration, Trump is definitely mayor of scandal town. There are also numerous sexist, racist, and all-around degrading comments ascribed to him on social media.

Trump is quite an interesting personality, a mix of so many extremes, but what is shocking is his beliefs on how he got his wealth and success. Over the years, President Trump doesn't the fact that he is convinced that his 'good genes' are responsible for his excellent health and impeccable success as a businessman and more recently, in winning the U.S. presidential elections.

He said in an interview,

I'm a gene believer... hey when you connect two race horses you get usually end up with a fast horse. I had a good gene pool from the stand point of that so I was pretty much driven


It is evident that Trump believes that some people have the winning gene and others do not. He even once said that some may try to develop it but can't.

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We can easily assume that this is all a boast of a very egocentric man but his biographer, Michael D'Antonio said of the Trump family,

They subscribe to a racehorse theory of human development.

This is not an easy pill to swallow. Trump is a world leader driven by the philosophy of eugenics which is a belief in a form of social re-engineering through the selective breeding between 'superior' individuals.

He also believes this theory for his kids

Not only does Trump think he has superior genes, the president believes the same for his kids and grandchildren. He attested to that truth when he said his granddaughter Arabella had smart genes for learning Chinese. 


Donald Jr. is also of this theory that he is genetically bound to succeed. In his words,

I think we've been programmed genetically with too much ambition to sit back and collect rent for the rest of our lives.


What do you think of President Trump's belief? Do you also believe in 'super genes'?

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