Fabulous! Singing Cowboy Tex Ritter Has A Talented Grandson Who Looks Just Like Him

Date November 16, 2018 16:12

Iconic stars are called legends for a reason. They find a way to be immortalized in the next generation. Fans just find themselves on cloud nine when they get a substitute for their favorite classic idols.


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Hollywood's cowboy singer, Tex Ritter, was obsessed with western music from a very young age. He got academically inspired by J. Frank Dobie, John Lomax, and Oscar J. Fox at the University of Texas at Austin in 1922. These mentors prepared him for a lifelong successful career. He initially struggled with financial shortcomings. Later, the producer, Edward Finney spotted him as a potential candidate. He signed Tex and released his first starring role in the film, Song of the Gringo, in 1936. And the rest was history.


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He died in 1974, but he lives on in the traits and looks of his grandson, Jason Ritter. The legacy continues!

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His look-alike grandson 

Jason Morgan Ritter is nothing short of talented, just like his granddad. He first appeared on national TV when he was just 1, in the Three's Company 1976 opening credits from Seasons 6-8. He now stars in the popular TV series, Kevin Probably Saves The World.


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The 38-year-old has inherited a bundle of charm and handsome features from Tex Ritter. It's hard to tell the difference between him and his famous grandpa, Tex. If hypothetically, they were together at the same time and the same ages, no one could tell them apart. Again, the wonder of genes and their miracles!


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Jason is a proud grandson

Jason Ritter feels proud to carry on the family's acting tradition in Hollywood. According to movie fone, he has become even more reflective about the family's Hollywood legacy. He relishes the fact that his father, John Ritter, was a TV sitcom icon. Adding to his credits, his grandfather, Tex Ritter, was a country star and movie cowboy. Not forgetting to mention that his younger brother, Tyler Ritter is also a rising TV actor.

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Woah, is it unfair that this squad has all the talent and dashing looks? Share this and let us know what you think of this replica straight for the '80s!

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