No Help Needed! Melania Trump Responded Why She Never Asked Michelle Obama For Help

Date November 16, 2018 10:29

Everyone needs directions from the traveler who has had the same journey. Asking for a manual of the paved way. On account of this general notion, it's quite odd that Melania Trump never reached out the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

No Help Needed! Melania Trump Responded Why She Never Asked Michelle Obama For Helpgettyimages

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Reportedly, the current First Lady had turned down Michelle's offer of counsel during her tenure. In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle remembered that she had gotten huge support and guidance from Laura Bush. George Bush's wife was so kind and compassionate that she told First Lady-to-be that she is only a call away if she ever needs her assistance. Michelle was obliged to do a similar favor to Melania!

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Melania sent out a reply 

In response to Michelle's revelation that Melania never contacted her, the First Lady explained why she didn't. Melania Trump conveyed her reply through the Press Secretary and Communications Director for the First Lady of America, Stephanie Grisham. It clearly stated that even if she needed help she wouldn't have considered Michelle. She has a team within White House who supervises her with all professional roadmaps.

So, the apparent response to Mrs. Obama's offer was: No, Thanks!

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People said Melania is inspired by Michelle

According to Turn It In, Melania Trump's first speech as First Lady of America was copied as a whole from Michelle's address in the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Melania's 2016 Republican National Convention speech in Ohio had clone plagiarism in which she took Michelle work verbatim, word-to-word.

So, people daringly suggested that Melania might not accept her help but certainly looks up to her.

Do you think Melania really doesn't have anything to learn from Michelle? Let us know your take on the situation!

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