"You Feel Like An Animal In A Cage": Keanu Reeves Gets Candid About The Dark Side Of Stardom

Date May 15, 2019

Almost everyone wants to be a world-famous celebrity. The perks of stardom are widely advertised but, what if it's all a hoax? Keanu Reeves revelation sheds light on the dark side of a Hollywood dream.


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The Matrix sensation had become a household name since the 80s. His franchises often extended to series because of his persistent excellence. Keanu holds the 26th rank among the most celebrated contemporary actors. His handsome looks, unwavering talent, and professional skills are bound to ascend him even further.


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Fame challenged him

Reeves talked to The Sunday Telegraph and revealed his struggle with star spotters. People provided him a 24/7 surveillance as they watched his LA mansion from dusk till dawn. His home had become a major tourist attraction. While he appreciates people's love and admiration, he also felt alienated.


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Keanu has no trouble wandering in Los Angeles anonymously. However, living in his own house is an ordeal, he says:

There are tourists, vans, and trucks. They visit everybody's home and sit outside. So, I'll come out in the morning and get my newspaper. You feel like an animal in a cage. They look at you like, "There's one!".


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Being humble

His father was a drug addict, and Keanu suffered from dyslexia in his childhood. He also had to endure the loss of his sister, who died of leukemia, and his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, who passed away at 29. Despite such prominence, Keanu remains down-to-earth and incredibly kind. If he's known for anything besides his acting career, it is his golden heart.


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How Keanu deals with his fans and makes them feel comfortable is just extraordinary. Nonetheless, paparazzi are probably the most disturbing thing about Hollywood.