"Ashamed Of Myself": Elton John Painfully Discusses His Struggle With Depression & Substance Abuse

Date May 20, 2019

Sir Elton John has remained on the top of his game. After achieving everything a music star can dream of, he still visits the dark corner of his life. It's a reminder for him to be grateful that he was able to find a remedy. He is sharing about those spots to inspire people who don't reach out in time.


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The sensational pianist suffered a lot while turning from an addict to an avid activist. In his memoir, Love Is the Cure, Elton disclosed it was Ryan While who served as a wake-up call. The boy was an Indiana teenager who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion and was ostracized by his neighborhood. John helped his family move safely. Ryan died in 1990, and his demise forced the singer to reconsider his own life.


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He was embarrassed

Being a performer actually saved Elton's life. As published in E! Online, only two days before his concert in Dodger Stadium, he had his stomach pumped due to a drug overdose. He only pushed through because it was a pivot point of his career that he couldn't miss. During the interview, he revealed it took him 16 years to finally ask for help.


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Elton was left with two choices, either to live or die, there was no way to live with severe depression. Now, he looked back and feels proud of finally letting out the three words: " I need help." He said:

 I knew I had a problem and I was really unhappy with myself, so I was ashamed of myself.


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What did he learn from it? 

He stopped using cocaine, abusing substances and alcohol for his depression. This morbid disease was trying to give him a lesson. He was schooled from this experience that fame can be a curse. Elton further found how to fight stigma against illnesses and embrace the process of healing.


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Sir Elton John has been inspired to share the common humanity by the worst of times. He has grown out of adversity to seek redemption. Share this to give hope to the ones who are still consumed by self-torture.