Duchess Of Bad Timing, Meghan Was Ignored By Harry Many Times In Public: William & Kate Are More In Tune

Date July 8, 2019

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are one sensational couple. However, the media's deep detailing focus has revealed some loopholes in their chemistry. On several occasions, the Duchess has been a poor victim of bad timing.

Previously, Meghan attended Trooping the Color. While the Royal family pleasantly waved the crowd from the balcony, the Duchess had an awkward moment. She tried to talk to her husband and he told her to turn around instead.

On the recent outing, she again attempted to get Harry's attention and he completely blanked her out. Sports noise could be the culprit in that situation.

Does the Cambridge couple had this issue?

The WomenHealth magazine extracted a synopsis of Prince William and Kate Middleton relationship. In all their public appearances, the couple didn't take any PDA risks. They look super comfortable together. From the very start, they have an incredible exchange of gestures that are merely conveyed by their body language alone.

The secret to this synchronization is their years-long courtship. They have lived together before marriage. Since college days, Kate and William got fully acquainted with each other's temperament.

In simple words, they have got enough time to complete the channeling process. Meghan & Harry dated for only a year before tying the knot.

Kate and William had their lows too

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge suffered many breakups to reach their 'happily ever after'. They had to work through a nasty split in 2007. If there was enough press coverage then, people wouldn't know no one's perfect.

Duchess Of Bad Timing, Meghan Was Ignored By Harry Many Times In Public: William & Kate Are More In TuneGetty Images / Ideal Image

This dismantling of events tells that the Sussex couple will eventually become intuned too. The royal fans just have to trust the process and definitely leave them be.