Is Another Royal Wedding Expected Soon? Duchess Sarah And Prince Andrew Might Be Giving Us Some Hints

Date October 15, 2018

Major royal spoilers ahead!

An ancient British rule from 1772 states that the first six people in the line of succession to the British throne cannot marry without the permission of the King or the Queen.

After the birth of Pince William and Kate's first son, Prince Andrew is on the 7th place in succession. What does it mean? It interprets, Prince Andrew can now re-marry Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, without anyone's consent.

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Their relationship can take a final turn

Their messy split happened after a decade of their marriage. But soon, they were found back to living together at the Royal Lodge. Now, the birth of the royal baby made it possible for them to make it official.


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The Duchess of York told Express UK:

He really is still my handsome Prince. It’s lovely that we are such a close family and our story has a happy ending all the time.


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Along with their perky compliments about each other, people got hints on their social media profiles, as well. Seems these are definite signs that they are to re-marry, sooner or later!

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Public expectations and expert opinions


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The royalty fans are quite convinced that now when it's possible, it can happen very soon. The public had kind of make it a demand for them to make it official. Seeing the wonderful pair side by side at their daughter Princess Eugenie's grand wedding has swirled hope in people.

Experts have different views, and some of them quieten the wedding bells. According to the body language observations, the Prince of York was actually quite resilient and disregarding toward Sarah at their daughter's wedding, and so was she toward him. 

Body language expert Judi James told Express UK:

The father of bride appeared to ignore his ex-wife at least twice in the chapel. He seemed busy and aloof.


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People, now wrap your optimism for another occasion! Light at the end of the tunnel still seems bright as the pair remains on friendly terms.

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They are still a family

The Duchess of York honors her relationship with handsome Prince. Sarah considers him family as they always found cheerfully chatting away with Princess Beatrice. Their bond seems to be frictionless and no past bitterness seems to sprout.


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Sarah commented about her family to Hello Mag:

A table can't stand on three legs, really, so you have the Duke and me, and the two girls. We're a family unit and we lead by example. Supporting each other emotionally and health-wise.


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What do you think future holds for this royal family? Share this and let us know in the comments! 

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