Donald Trump Got Candid On Loss Of His Friend, Michael Jackson: "He Was A Very Smart Guy"

Date July 17, 2019 18:05

Michael Jackson & Donald Trump had first met on March 3, 1988. The King of Pop was on his Bad tour and happened to perform a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Many celebrities showed up to cheer him, including then 41-year-old Mr. Trump.

Soon, the duo formed an unlikely friendship that stretched over 20 years. MJ and Donald started to move in similar circles. They used to attend the same fashionable fundraisers and photo ops. Their relating exquisite taste and lavish tendencies, be it gold toilets or private amusement parks, became the foundation of a great bond.

Donald was devastated by his pal's death

After popstar's demise on June 25, 2009, his close one, Donald Trump was interviewed by E! Online. He has died suddenly and unexpectedly that canceled his elaborate plans for a comeback. The U.S President was in contact with Michael and knew he was very excited about his upcoming shows that were all sold out.

The two pals frequently hung out at Donald's estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump mentioned that Michael was also up to help others and was very compassionate. He continued to express sorrow and remarked:

He was a special guy. Michael did a lot for charity and if I ever needed him...he'd always be there.

He defends Michael

Many reports accused the late singer of child harassment and other molestations. Donald Trump remained in support of him and tried to clear his pal's name. He informed the media that they totally misunderstood the legendary Michael.

Michael Jackson's expiry is still haunting and unbelievable. But, his charming spirit continues to bag much love and prayers. Share this and keep listening to his evergreen music.