Gross & Insulting! Serena Williams' 'Woman Of The Year' Cover Was Heavily Criticized By People

Date November 14, 2018

People have been long lobbying for Serena Williams to get a public title and their campaigning has finally paid off. Sometimes fans get what they wish for, without much protest!


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Serena William is undoubtedly the champion of 2018. From her great career accomplishments to personal growth, she is an all-rounder. The mother of one has won the second-most singles title in women's Grand Slam tournament history. Applause!


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On grounds of success and much more due to her amazingly charitable nature, she is named Woman Of The Year by GQ Magazine. It's fair to say; Well deserved. However, one itsy bitsy tinnie tiny problem was spotted by fans!

People found the edited headline of her title insulting

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GQ Magazine was heavily blasted over the offensive editing of the headline. The text Woman Of The Year had the word Man crossed between it. This was somehow deemed insulting by fans. They believed that the editor suggested, Serena is too strong, muscular and influential to be a woman. Some called this notion gross and others questioned how could the publisher think this to be a good idea.

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Serena's struggle with body image

Last year, the tennis-star wrote an emotional letter on Reddit revealing her challenges and struggles with body-positivity. She embraced her power as a woman ignoring all other labels and rose above those hurdles. Though, they still persist!

Letter to my mom from u/serenawilliams

It's heartbreaking that there are still so many stereotypes pinned at female bodies. Share this if you agree that strong is the new beautiful!

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