Zowiee! Legendary Actor, Errol Flynn Has A Grandson Who Is As Dashing As His Grandpa

Date November 15, 2018

Legendary matinee idol, Errol Flynn was a wild being who excelled in life as an athlete, a yachtsman, an author, and an adventurer. So, he wasn't just a regular actor. This talented star has also left a bunch of meaningful remarks behind. The Australian heartthrob, died far too early for giving the world a chance to admire him more. His rebellious life lasted for 50 years and his following quote sums up his content:

I intend to live the first half of my life. I don’t care about the rest.


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Not sure about passing on the scandalous family traits but Mr. Flynn has certainly transmitted his passionate looks to his grandson, Luke Flynn.

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His handsome grandson


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His grandson, Luke Flynn is a model and has portrayed Errol in his biographical movie In Like Flynn. The film tells the story of a 23-year-old, Errol who’d been stung by the acting bee but had no financial means to pave his way from Australia to a role offered across the sea, in Hollywood.

Luke wanted to repaint the image of his grandpa who was often thought to be an opium smuggler, womanizer, bar brawler, and gold digger. Which is only true to some extent as he had an underlying passion for getting what he wanted despite consequences. Errol was just a champion of his time!


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Luke depicted him perfectly in more than just one way. For starters, the grandson is Errol's doppelganger. There is an exciting sea voyage in the movie in which everything that could go wrong went wrong. 


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One can only be awestruck by their resemblance. Legends die but their legacy lives on!

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They never met each other 

As astonishing is the phenomena of their similarities, its heartbreaking that they had never met each other. The 6-foot-3 grandson told New York Times:

I never met my grandfather, but everyone says that I'm a lot like him. We liked the same things -- the ocean, sailing, going to Jamaica, going on adventures.

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Nature does find a way to ultimately put you where you truly belong the best. Share this and shout out to this hunky dude!

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