'Absolutely Heartless': Katy Perry Slammed Donald Trump Over His Response To California Wildfire Disaster

Date November 12, 2018 19:01

Not a day goes when Mr. Trump's remarks are not found inappropriate by people. Following the California wildfire disaster, his missing condolences has sprung another riot!

More than 300,000 civilians have been forced to leave their homes, along with anything they hold dear. The death toll has risen to 23. This catastrophe has burned more than 100,000 acres of land, injured firefighter, and compel the residents to run for their lives. According to CNN, The south California campfire is the thirst deadliest event in the history of states.


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Mr. Trump actively took the notice of this grave situation but it turned out to be rather tasteless for some people. Last Saturday in a tweet, he blamed the wildfires on the gross mismanagement of the forests.

This response had generated an unfair blame for not taking responsibility for a natural havoc. In the middle of sweeping misery and cries, many concerned celebrities stoop up to condemn his unempathetic feedback.

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Katy Perry slammed Donald Trump

His insensitive reply toward the disaster was immediately met with ire by the superstar, Katy Perry. She subtweeted Donald Trump and deemed him heartless for not caring for families amidst adversity and politically handling the matter instead. 

'Absolutely Heartless': Katy Perry Slammed Donald Trump Over His Response To California Wildfire Disastergettyimages

Other celebrities, including Leo Dicaprio, also found it as unpleasant and disturbing as Katy and took the front line to show where real worry should be focused at rather than playing the blame game. The president of California firefighters, Brian K. Rice also paid heed to this unsettling debate. According to him, threats to withheld aid to victims is ill-informed in Mr. Trump's part.

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The real battle with flames continues

Hundreds of Texas firefighters and support personnel are being deployed to help fight and extinguish the fatal fires currently ruining every bit of California,  Texas Governor, Greg Abbott told Click2Houston about lending a hand in saving the Californian highlands:

When disaster strikes, it is imperative that the call for help is answered, and that is exactly what these men and women serving in fire departments across Texas are doing.


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The retrieval process is going to be slow and painful but the authorities are positive that people will rise above these flames. Share this and join the prayer for the lost victims!

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