His Fans Are Disappointed! Hugh Jackman Slammed For His Close Friendship With Ivanka Trump

Date November 2, 2018

Celebrity friendships are adorable. But when politics are mixed to it, controversies arise. Such is a reality pill of Ivanka Trump and Hugh Jackman being pals, what fans are finding hard to swallow!

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Hugh Jackman recently turned 50 and celebrated his birthday with one hell of a star-studded party at Donna Karan’s West Village space, Urban Zen. The guest list included Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and to everyone's surprise, Ivanka Trump came arms laced up with her spouse Jared Kushner.

His Fans Are Disappointed! Hugh Jackman Slammed For His Close Friendship With Ivanka Trumpgettyimages

As further reported by Page Six, Ivanka and Hugh are close friends. He even referred her as My lovely friend in a tweet back in 2015. In addition to this, Ivanka was seen accompanying Jackman and his wife while exiting the couple's apartment in the West Village in June this year. 

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They don't discuss politics

Hugh Jackman was apparently aware of the backlash his fans may inflict on him. He cleared the air to let everyone know, how non-political his relation is with the Trumps. He clearly indicated that this friendship doesn't reflect any democratic favoritism and told Variety Magazine:

I’ve known those guys for 15 years and we don’t talk politics at birthday parties.

True to his subtle testimony, he had actually supported Hillary Clinton in her run for 2016 presidential election. Hugh Jackman had endorsed her at the fundraising concert on Broadway St. James Theatre which helped to raise nearly $2 million.

His Fans Are Disappointed! Hugh Jackman Slammed For His Close Friendship With Ivanka Trumphillary clinton bombs attackgettyimages

But his fans are still overall disappointed by his association with the Trump family!

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People criticized their friendship

His fans and followers were dismayed at the thought of their linkage. Social media users also provided theories on their alliance to be somehow purposeful in their careers.

Do you think that this is a normal case of old college mates or there is a motive behind their friendship? Share this and leave your opinions in the comments!

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