'Melania Trump Married The Wrong Guy' Says The Photographer Who Wasn't Paid For Her Photoshoot

Date October 17, 2018

It's a common practice where the rich suppress the poor and under-pays or don't pay them at all. Unfortunately, this unfairness doesn't rumble the media until a prominent professional goes through it.  


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Arthur Elgort, 78, is a long and reputable fashion photographer in New York City. His career is decorated with decades of shooting snaps of high profile models and celebrities whether British or American. This famed artist exhibits his work in many magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair.


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Reflecting Arthur's credibility, it's no surprise that Melania Trump also collaborated with him. She was an international model and coming across him in her line of work is no biggie!

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Arthur was not paid 

His session commission was held by Donald Trump after he briefly photographed Melania. It was only a couple of hundred dollars but his strong grasp to his money disturbed Arthur.


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The photographer who had shoot Melania in a swimming pool concerningly told Page Six:

I don’t think that she knew what she was marrying into. She’s not bad at all, but she certainly married the wrong guy.  


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Another interesting thing is that Arthur was first added in First Lady's official biography but later, he was abruptly removed from the site. However, he is not the only one making a payment complain against Mr. President.

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Hundreds allege Donald Trump of non-payment

Donald Trump shows himself as a savior of the working class who will make jobs better. But a USA TODAY NETWORK research revealed that he has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits in the last 30 years. Heartbreakingly, a large number of those involve ordinary Americans who say Trump or his enterprises have refused to pay them.


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When the contractor doesn't do his job up to standards or differently, he is not paid by Mr. Trump. He also recommends it to other companies saying:

That’s what the whole country should be doing.

Melania Trump, on the other side, advocates her married life to be perfect. It is not a concern and focus of her. The first lady claims any legal or other alleged rumors about Trump has never strained their marriage.


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Share and let us know what you think! Is it just allegations or this unfairness could have effected Melania's decision to marry Donald Trump?

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