'What They’re Doing Is Just Embarrassing'. Meghan Markle’s Nephew Slams Her Toxic Relatives


October 26, 2018 18:27 By Fabiosa

As much as Meghan Markle avoids batting an eye, her relatives are always springing up in the news lending her fame. However, recently her nephew is trying to spark some positivity to their family image. Let's see what he has to say about the lovely Duchess!

'What They’re Doing Is Just Embarrassing'. Meghan Markle’s Nephew Slams Her Toxic Relativesgettyimages

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The 26-year-old, cannabis company owner, Tyler Dooley is the son of Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. and his wife, Tracy Dooley. Though his parents had been divorced. Tyler lives with his mother and had reportedly estranged his father for quite some time.

Joining the family pool in Hollywood, the Duchess's nephew, Tyler Dooley will be appearing soon in the upcoming MTV reality seriesThe Royal World.  After being cast, he has left some direct remarks about his other relatives who try to jump on the bandwagon of Meghan's Royalty.

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Tyler slammed his relatives

He claims to be mortified and appalled by how the public is seeing such an ugly side of the Markle family. In the middle of Samantha, Thomas, and Jr. Markle's day to day reports in the media about Meghan, Tyler is ducking his head in shame. 

Mr. Dooley told Australia News, there is a reason why he goes by the surname, Dooley not Markle,

The person not fighting back is Meghan. She has no time for that, and she’s so much better than that. The only people who are fighting, are only fighting against themselves, and it’s Samantha and Thomas Markle. They're toxic. What they’re doing is just embarrassing.


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Tyler has reportedly, denounced himself from his relatives and is keeping a fair distance from them. He supports Meghan and apparently, discourages her family members not to sprout more controversies about her. Atta boy!

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Meghan's niece also defends her

The Duchess of Sussex's niece, Noel Rasmussen had also pleaded with family to stop attacking her aunt ahead of her royal wedding. Noel who hasn't spoken to her mother, Samantha, 53, in almost four years said that she’s been humiliated by the way some of her relatives have treated Meghan, especially her own mom. She supported her aunt by leaving this statement to Mirror UK:

She is going to be a good wife, mother and a great ambassador for America.


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Maybe Meghan's family isn't so bad after all. Just like all families, they have some loose ends. Share this and let us know what's your take on this? 

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