Al Roker Finds Parenting His Son With Special Needs Unexpected But Inspiring: He Is A Proud Father

Date May 9, 2019

All types of children can test their parents' patience and endurance. Al Roker has been blessed with an amazing boy who happens to have some developmental issues. The journey was not easy but it is still worth a lot to his doting father.


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Last year, the senior anchor for Today's show has opened up about his son's struggles. The most devastating thing he had mentioned was most of Nick's difficulties were not from his disability but, from others. Many specialists put him through a slew of medical tests. His diagnosis was in the blur and the doctors had no idea what is wrong. Was it cerebral palsy? Autism? Obsessive disorder? 


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Unexpected parenthood

As a father who wants the world for his son, Al Roker never gave up on Nick. He enrolled his special child to work with occupational therapists who improved his speech, behavior, strength, conversational skills, and mobility.


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Al Roker opened up to Guide Post and explained how is it to spend a day with Nick. He narrated their Sunday trips to Church because that's what his son is passionate about.


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He does get frustrated not being able to demolish his son's limitation but still feels inspired by him. Nick is a diligent boy, having a great sense of humor. Al Roker finds some of his interests and their casual encounters quite unexpected. Nonetheless, he is proud of his son and admires him for his compassion.


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Infinite love

Al Roker needs something to draw his energy from too. His father himself was a very hard working man who worked back to back to feed his children. He believed there is no limit when it comes to loving your kid. That's what Al Roker lives by. 


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Shout out to Al Roker for being a brilliant dad and an awesome human being. We are sure his son looks up to him for all the good reasons. Share this and send your regards to the beautiful family.