Jon Bon Jovi's Eldest Son Jesse Looks Impossibly Like His Father: That's A High-Key Wonder!

Date June 17, 2019 17:31

Jon Bon Jovi has always struggled to keep his children out of the spotlight. The rockstar spent his time traveling the world with the band but it has never been his family's life, only his. Now, one of his kids has grown up to live his legacy in the most normal way.


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The sensational star is known for his humility. He and his wife Dorothea Hurley have been married for 30 years now. Their four children, Stephanie, Jacob, Romeo, Jesse are far from seeking any media attention. He once told People magazine:

We never really drag the kids to things. I never pointed at the TV and said, ‘There’s Daddy!’

His ditto copy 

Bon Jovi's eldest son Jesse is now 24. He has truly flourished away from paparazzi's prying eyes. The young lad is the proud owner of Hampton Water winery, proving himself to be a great entrepreneur. 


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He follows his dad's advice on the smallest matters and takes his word for things. He told Boca Life he learned to be cool from Bon Jovi:

My dad always said never to leave the house without sunglasses.

Jesse's is a pretty casual, regular, and kind of relatable guy. On any day he is seen wearing Levi's and t-shirt. He is so humble - just like his legendary father. Among all the things, his most prominent inheritance is his looks. The dad-son duo looks remarkably alike. Just another wonder of nature!

He credits his dad for his achievements

Jesse Bongiovi admitted to Closer Weekly that it was his father's guidance that he was able to execute his business plan. He said:

He told me to take my time, to be patient and launch Hampton Water properly because once something is out in public, there’s no taking it back. I apply that to all aspects of my life now.


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We might not get see him sharing the stage with Bon Jovi. But, it's a delight to know Jesse is somehow carrying out his legacy in his own way. Share this and wish best of luck to this handsome youngster for future endeavors.