Samantha Grant Bashes The Duchess Of Sussex's Coat Of Arms

Date May 29, 2018

Last week, Meghan Markle got her very own Coat of Arms.

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The Kensington Palace made the official announcement on Friday. Traditionally, the Coat of Arms is presented to the father of the bride. However, Meghan was presented with the Coat of Arms instead. Also, the Markle name was not mentioned during the ceremony.


A statement from the palace explained the new Coat of Arms in detail.

The blue background of the shield represents the Pacific Ocean off the California coast, while the two golden rays across the shield are symbolic of the sunshine of The Duchess's home state. The three quills represent communication and the power of word. Beneath the shield on the grass sits a collection of golden poppies, California's state flower, and wintersweet, which grows at Kensington Palace.

The Coat of Arms is split into two with one side being the duke’s and the other being the duchess’ one.


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Meanwhile, the duchess’ half-sister, Samantha Grant, who now goes by Markle, delivered another bashing tirade. On Sunday, she shared a biting tweet where she expressed her displeasure that their father, Thomas Markle Sr., was not mentioned at all by the Kensington Palace.

Also, she said: 'quite frankly it looks like it was drawn by someone in a kindergarten classroom'. This is not the first time she has attacked her royal sister in the past months.

Samantha Markle also revealed to The Sun that she is having conversations with producers in Hollywood about turning her tell-all book, “The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister”, into a television series or a film.


I have been approached to sell the rights. My book is more of a sociological journey. It's paralleled my sister's life being doubly marginalised as a biracial woman. It does talk about our family, but it has never been gossipy at all.

Samantha continues to insist that she is only fighting for what is right and seems to have little regards for scruples. As for the press, they wait and watch to see what comes next.

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