Andrew Morton Says The Royal Wedding Is "Making The Royal Family Relevant" Again

Date May 22, 2018

Andrew Morton is well known for his biography of the late Princess Diana, but recently, he wrote his new book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. The 65-year-old also made several other books about famous people, including Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Monica Lewinsky, and Tom Cruise.


Just days before the royal wedding, the author was rushed to the hospital after being hit with what is suspected to be a stroke. Before the incident, the author was delivering a speech at The Oldie Literary Lunch in Central London.

He believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are good for the royal family

Speaking with Fox News, Morton said that the royal wedding had generated renewed interest in the royal family and for several reasons. For starters, the fact that Meghan was not British or white was pretty glaring.

People are intrigued by her as an American actress, divorced, biracial [woman]. It’s the intrigue of it all.


He also suggested that the wedding would provide a welcome change of pace for the public who may have gotten a bit tired of the family, seeing as the Queen has been the center of attention for over 65 years.


It’s making the royal family relevant,” he explained. “It’s making it seem more inclusive. It’s making it seem more part of multiracial Britain. You walk through London and within 10 paces you see all races under the sun. It’s a very multiracial place. It’s a genuine melting pot so it is good to see the royal family embracing someone who is not white, [upper] class, typical people who the royal family married.

In spite of this, Morton still said that he was aware that some people did not like the idea of Prince Harry getting married to Meghan for this same reason. The situation is even worse as Suits, the series that gained Meghan popularity in the US, is hardly watched in the UK.


Some Britons see her as an outsider, and Meghan is having it worse than Princess Diana in that respect. Still, he believes that Meghan will do just fine for herself as a royal.


Look at Meghan, she’s accompanied the queen to a service... She’s being thrown in at the deep end… and she is swimming, and that is what she wanted, by the way.

New vibe for the royal family

While speaking on The Morning Show, Morton revealed that he had been a fan of Meghan long before she met Prince Harry. Following her career on Suits, he said that Meghan always had the trappings of a role model and even regarded herself as one.

He calls her “a refreshing adornment to the royal family”.


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