Not About The Money: Debby Campbell Explains Her Beef With Kim Campbell, Her Late Father's Widow

Date May 28, 2018 12:28

Late singer and songwriter Glen Campbell may be gone, but there is still controversy trailing his passing. According to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, Campbell's 13-page will, dated Sept. 1, 2006, specifically excludes three of his eight children from enjoying benefits from his estate.

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His daughter Kelli and sons William Travis and Wesley Kane are children from his second marriage to Billie Jean Nunley. The couple was divorced in 1976. In addition, the children have also been excluded from a trust set up by Campbell before his passing.

Inside Edition / YouTube

Campbell’s wife, Kim Campbell, is named executor of his $50 million estate as stated in documents filed in Davidson County Probate Court in Nashville. All three children have filed a suit challenging their exclusion from their father’s will.


Debby explains her feud with Kim

Following Campbell’s declining health, his wife Kim decided to put him in a nursing home: a move that did not go down well with Campbell’s oldest daughter, Debby Campbell. Eventually, Debby and her half-brother William Travis sued Kim, saying she barred them from visiting their father.

While fielding questions from Melissa Parker of Smashing Interviews Magazine, Debby said that the suit was filed as she had concerns about her fathers’ welfare.

I just thought that dad needed a little bit more care than he was getting, and I wasn’t happy. That’s why we went to court.

Debby says the judge took Kim’s side although Campbell’s widow recently claimed that she never stopped Debby from visiting her father in hospital. Eventually, Debby and Travis won the suit.

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The same year, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law called the Campbell / Falk Act, which allowed family members the right to visits relatives suffering Alzheimer's even if their legal conservators said otherwise.

Kim has a different story

Kim in her defense says that Campbell was justified in his exclusion of the three children from his will. According to her, they had shown no concern whatsoever for their father who was fighting Alzheimer’s as they "never called to ask how he was or if they could help." All three children deny this.


She also claims that Travis, Campbell’s oldest son, "hadn't visited his dad in 20 years." She also insists that the decision to exclude the children from the will had nothing to do with her.

That was all done in 2002, and that was a choice that was made by Glen — not me — and there were reasons for it.

Campbell’s widow shared her side of the story with Inside Edition. She raised concerns over threats to her life and that of her family members due to the ongoing suit.


It has been very painful and hurtful. It’s a nightmare to have people on the internet threatening to kill you because they think you are this horrible person who wouldn’t let people visit, which is totally false.

There is not telling when the issue will be resolved, but clearly, all parties involved are in for a bumpy ride.

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