Samantha Grant Talks About Growing Up With Meghan Markle

Date May 18, 2018

Samantha Grant is Meghan Markle’s half-sister. She was born to Thomas Markle Sr. and Roslyn, Thomas’ first wife. She is a former actress but is now largely retired and restricted to a wheelchair following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis in 2008.

In the time following the announcement of her half-sister’s engagement, Samantha has been particularly vocal about relations within the family. Most of her claims revolve around suggestions that Meghan is not fit to be married to a royal.

Growing up with Meghan

Speaking during the TLC special, When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Engagement, Samantha said that growing up with Meghan was a peasant experience. Meghan lived with Samantha and her father for a couple of years after her birth in California.

Samantha told ET that Meghan was a particularly lively child who enjoyed play-acting and spending time with friends. Also, she said Meghan loved the great outdoors.

[We'd go] to the beach because it wasn't far away and going to the duck pond, which is one of her favorite things to do. She went to a private elementary school and high school and then college. It was very normal.

ET recently shared exclusive footage of Meghan as a 4-year-old growing up in Woodland Hills, California. It offers a never-before-seen angle of the royal-to-be just days before she ties the knot.


Sadly, the relationship between the sisters has deteriorated. Samantha has been particularly miffed because she did not get an invitation to the wedding and has made several statements to that effect to the press.


She plans to get Meghan a gift all the same

Despite not being on the guest list and after taking full responsibility for the recent photo shoot fiasco involving Meghan’s father, Samantha says she still hopes to meet the royal couple in person. She says she has a “sentimental” wedding gift to present.

Considering the current state of affairs, there is no telling if a meeting between Samantha and the royal couple will occur. Still, Samantha is adamant, but the final decision is really not up to her.

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