Love Secrets: Nicole Kidman Shares The Truth Behind Her Successful Marriage

Date June 26, 2018

Marriage in Hollywood is a fickle thing, with many stars having been down the aisle more than once. However, some couples seem to have all the luck finding love and stay with their first partners for most of their lives. In fact, passing the 10-year mark is almost as good as winning the lottery these days.


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Today, country singer Keith Urban and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary. It has been a fabulous journey for the couple, and they are doing nothing at all to contain their joy.

51-year-old Nicole shared a post on her Instagram account reminiscing the beautiful day she said “I do” to Urban in Australia. Although the clip lasted only a few seconds, it showed images of the church and the happy couple kissing with the sweetest caption ever.

Remembering 12 years ago today at a church in Manly, Australia. Still feels like it was yesterday. I’m a lucky woman ❤️ Happy Anniversary Baby.

Just hours before, Urban shared a picture of himself playing and singing at a piano while Kidman joined in. He too has a special message for the love of his life that was just as adorable.

12 years of celestial synergized soul dancing. Happy anniversary Babygirl!!! I love you SO much. – KU

But how did they manage to keep the spark alive in their relationship for this long? The Big Little Lies star told Parade that they are quite old fashioned with their relationship. And their golden rule is, no texting.

We’ve never texted. That is so not our relationship, which is interesting, right? We call. We’ve done this since the very beginning.


Kidman says they always make sure they pick their phone calls so they can hear each other speak. In many ways, she says it helps keep them connected, seeing as text can be impersonal. Also, they never spend a lot of time away from each other.

Even when they have to be at work in different parts of the country, Kidman says hopping on a flight comes like second nature. According to Parade, she says they prefer voice to voice and skin to skin," even if they can afford fancy gadgets and good internet.


That aside, Kidman says she never was any good at texting. Plus, she said she was not keen on sharing personal messages with other people and having to ask others to explain encrypted messages. She enjoys FaceTime with Urban, though, and says they do it a lot.

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In addition, she says they have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Wether at home or out, spending time together for her is key to maintaining the bond in any relationship.

I mean it’s that simple. We love spending time together. We have a lot of fun together, and we just choose each other. If there is one person I can hang out with, it’s him and the girls, and that’s it. That’s so much enough for me. We’ll get on planes and fly overnight rather than have a night apart. We will do anything to make it work.


Kidman and Urban met in 2005 at the G'Day USA Gala, an event honoring Australians in Los Angeles. She was fresh off the divorce boat from Tom Cruise. She told Ellen DeGeneres in 2013 that Urban came across as a bit standoffish at first.

I’m like, ‘You didn’t love me at first sight, you didn't notice me’, and he’s like, ‘Yes, I did, but I just didn't let on’. But we kind of met and then, about four months later, he called me.

Before long, the couple was hanging out together, spending time in Nashville and getting the press talking. By November of 2005, Kidman had a stunning diamond ring on her finger and was on her way to the altar.


For Urban, meeting Kidman and her agreeing to settle down with him was perhaps the most important thing that ever happened to him. He gushed about her to CBS News in an interview, and love never sounded sweeter.

Meeting her and getting married wasn't life-changing, it was life-beginning. It was literally, like, ‘OK, life starts’.

With the future ahead of them looking bright, we wish them all the love and joy they so deserve.

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