'Dancing With The Stars' Alumni Kym Johnson Gushes As Her Twin Babies Turn 1 Month Old

Date May 23, 2018

Australian pro ballroom dancer Kym Johnson gave birth to a healthy set of twins on April 23 this year. The babies were born just a minute apart and are the first she is having with her husband, Dancing with the Stars alumni, Robert Herjavec.


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Earlier in January, Johnson told US Weekly that Herjavec had organized a baby shower for her in her native Australia, which was totally unexpected.

[Robert] is the best. He spoiled me with a trip back home to Australia to see all my girlfriends. There was a little baby shower, and I saw my family and stuff, so that was nice.


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In the months leading up to her delivery, Johnson continued to maintain a workout regimen. She even shared a video of herself in January working out when she was 23 weeks in.

The twins are one month old already

Time does fly pretty fast, and the twins are already a month old. Johnson celebrated the special day with a picture on Instagram where she cradled her twin babies, Hudson and Haven, in her arms. Despite it being a black and white photo, the children looked totally adorable.


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She is loving being a mother

Johnson shared this delightful post on Mother’s Day and also used the opportunity to speak about her motherhood experience so far. According to her, humor helps coping with the stress associated with raising babies, a tip she got from her mother.


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She also confessed that she was pretty green as far as taking care of babies goes, but she was excited about learning on the fly. Her babies mean the world to her, and she is set to give them all the love and attention they deserve.

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