David Bowie's Daughter, Lexi, Is All Grown Up Now And Quite An Artist Herself


May 21, 2018 10:05 By Fabiosa

She was a model of interstellar proportions. He was an international music sensation. Together, they seemed like the perfect match and in many ways, they were. And despite their immense fame, model Iman and British singer David Bowie managed to live a pretty regular life away from the spotlight.


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In 2005, PEOPLE paid a visit to the Bowie home in NYC. Their daughter, Lexi, was just 5 at the time and at first glance, it was clear that the family had none of the trappings one would expect of uber-popular people.


According to Bowie, Iman was pretty good at striking a balance between work and domestic life such that they rarely overlapped.

She’s uncanny at keeping the business at her office and the woman at home. But she’s a mom 24/7.

Iman once said she never fell in love with Bowie. For her, there was a mutual attraction that seemed predestined. Still, her devotion to her husband was pretty clear when she had a Bowie knife tattooed on her right ankle.


The couple were married in 1992. Bowie at the time gushed on end about his bride, calling her “a smoky blend of Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn.

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Lexi is all grown up now

Her full name is Alexandria Zahra Jones, and she is no longer the little kid from 2005. Lexi just graduated high school and her mom, now 62, is particularly proud.


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The 17-year-old has also picked an interest in art. Iman shared some “original artwork,” made by Lexi on Mother’s Day on her Instagram account. There was also a note included leading followers to another handle, Unsettling Art, which hosts other pieces by Lexi.


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With parents like Iman and the late Bowie, Lexi got the best of both worlds. By the way, who do you think she got her stunning loos from, mom or dad?

Bowie turned his life around when Lexi was born

Before he settled down and became a family man, Bowie was plagued by alcoholism and indecision about his sexuality. But all that seemed to fade away when Lexi was born.

David Buckley, Bowie’s biographer, said the singer did not want his daughter to suffer neglect like his son, Duncan Jones, did. He missed out on much of Zowie’s young life, and wanted to spend as much time as possible with Lexi.


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During an interview after Lexi was born, Bowie confessed that the birth of his daughter made him rethink his tendency to drown himself in work and put workaholic tendencies "into perspective."

Despite his best attempts to stay healthy, Bowie passed on in January 2016. His death shook the world of music, but he will always be remembered in his daughter Lexi and son Duncan.

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