Eliza Roberts: The Woman Behind The "Hardest-Working Man in Hollywood," Eric Roberts

Date June 25, 2018 11:52

Before actor Eric Roberts earned himself the title of Hardest-working Man in Hollywood,” his life was sliding down a very slippery slope due to his addiction to cocaine. Little did he know that a flight from New York to Los Angeles would find him meeting the woman he eventually got married to.


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She was also on her way to Log Angeles, and the pair both happened to be seating side by side. Their first encounter was awkward as neither one of them was keen on talking much. They both had film scripts they were going through in preparation for a shoot.


Eventually, they had to talk, and Eliza asked Eric who his favorite writer was. It turns out he happened to be Eliza’s father. What are the odds? It was as a match made in heaven. The couple got married in 1992, and Eric gave up his addiction to keep Eliza.

Speaking in an interview with Lifestyle Magazine, he said he had to choose between his addiction to cocaine and Eliza.

It became a choice. … It was like, … this drug is awful. … What are you doing? It’s me or the drug.


And he made the right decision. Now, she plays a major role in his life, so much so that Eric leaves major decisions to her. According to him, she is a “one woman army” and finds a way to get a lot done that most people find hard to fathom.

...except you get to know her she is so superior to anyone else you ever met before, you just accept the fact that, … okay honey, go with it.

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How was Eric able to get himself back together again? He has a simple answer. He married well.


In 2010, Eric signed up to participate in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in a bid to curb his addiction to marijuana. Apparently, he took to smoking it after quitting cocaine.

I basically ruined every relationship I ever had, ruined my career, ruined everything, so I had nowhere else to go but up.


Still, his darling wife Eliza was there to support him. She spoke to E! before the show started and expressed her resolve to stand by him till the end.

He decided to go there because that's where Dr. Drew is. Eric had never seen the show, but [he's] aware of Dr. Drew, and his approach and his positive energy and all of that, and that's something that Eric really wanted for himself.


Now, the worst is over and Eric is enjoying his relationship with Eliza, drug free. He finds motivation to stay clean, thanks to his undying love for his wife and her unflinching dedication to him and their relationship.

I love my wife like I love my life, and I love living.


Being married to Eric is no easy feat, but Eliza has a simple recipe for a successful relationship. For her, she focuses on the good things in her relationship and tries her best not to dwell on the bad. This does not erase the fact that they may have problems. But she says most people are in a hurry to walk out of difficult relationships but later live with regret because they could have tried a bit harder.


Also, she says she makes sure to spend quality time with Eric having fun when they are not working. And even the simplest things like going out for a drink or buying an audio book go a long way to keep their love strong.

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