Hapless Victim Or Savvy Manipulator? Lady Colin Campbell Shares Her Thoughts About Princess Diana

Date June 1, 2018

In the years since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, different commentators have shared their perceptions of the “People’s Princess.” Lady Colin Campbel is one of such commentators. She is a British citizen and presents herself as an author and socialite.

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In the span of her career, she has written several publications, many of which concern the British royal family. While many of the books were released under different imprints, they appear to be a series, each one discussing the Queen and some members of her immediate family.

She published “Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows” in 1992 and consequently released a follow up book titled “The Real Diana” in 1998. Both books concentrated on the life and times of the late Princess of Wales, the first released before her death, and the second shortly after.


According to DailyMail, Lady Campbell said she was approached about writing Princess Diana’s biography but turned down the offer.

I took some convincing, but she convinced me that it was in both our interests to do this.

Her reason for declining was she was uncomfortable with the "posture of victimhood" that Princess Diana assumed.

Diana was advised by friends that she should play the victim. I did not agree with her posture of victimhood. I sensed it was not going to do her, or her children, or her family, or the Royal Family any good in the long run, so I walked away.


In spite of her discomfort, Lady Campbell said she was sympathetic with Princess Diana, but in the end, chose the high road as a matter of principle. She further added that the late Diana claimed her biography would help them both in the long run.

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Several months after Lady Campbell’s book was released, Andrew Morton released his own biography of Princess Diana titled "Diana: Her True Story." Coincidentally, many of the revelations made by Lady Campbell in her own book, which were frowned upon as untrue and controversial, turned out to be confirmed as true in the official biography.

For Lady Campbell, she feels Princess Diana took advantage of her position within the royal ramily to manipulate public opinion in her favor, presenting herself as a victim of circumstance and hardly accepting responsibility for her actions, which contributed to the end of her marriage.


And Lady Campbell is not the only one who suggests that Princess Diana was manipulative and took advantage of the royal family and public sentiment. In September 2000, excerpts of a book written by her former private secretary, Patrick Jephson, found their way to the Sunday Times.

Jephson claims Diana was far from the pleasant and enchanting figure she cut in public. He said she was particularly ruthless with her staff, even accusing her son’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, of having an abortion. He also claims Princess Diana had a penchant for dirty jokes and even used derogatory language to refer to the Duke of Edinburg, calling him "Stavros" in reference to his Greek origin.


Seeing as Princess Diana had only so many confidants, it is unlikely that any particularly new information about her life will be unearthed. But Lady Campbell, like many other commentators, continues to remind us that there may be a lot more to the royals that let on.

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