"You Have Inspired William And I": Prince Harry Reminds The World How Much His Father Means As He Turns 70

Date May 23, 2018

Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday on May 22, just three days after the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Oddly, the celebration comes 6 months shy of the actual date, November 14. The Prince of Wales was born in 1948, three years before Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne.


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About 6,000 guests were expected to be at the event, and it had several royals in attendance, including the newlyweds, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Other activities scheduled for the birthday celebrations include a display of 100 artworks chosen by the prince during the summer opening of Buckingham Palace between July 21 and September 30.

During the birthday lunch at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, delivered a heartwarming speech in celebration of his father. For starters, he appreciated the guests who attended the event.


It really is amazing to see so many of you here today for this family celebration. I say ‘family’ because this is a chance for us to honour The Prince of Wales's work over the last forty plus years, with all of his charities, patronages and military associations – and, as you all know, my father views all of your organizations like an extended family.

In closing, the Duke of Sussex made a warm note of how much his father had contributed to his life and that of his elder brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

You have inspired William and I, and looking out here today, it is clear to see that we are not alone.  You have created an incredible body of work that has, and will continue to make such a huge difference to so many people's lives both here and around the world.


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And no event would have been complete without Prince William showing his funny side. He made a parting joke about the early birthday party.

With that, Ladies and Gentlemen, please can I ask you to join me in wishing The Prince of Wales a very Happy Birthday – 6 months ahead of his 70th! How very Royal!

Unfortunately, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were not at the event as they were attending a service in honor of victims of the tragedy at Manchester Arena in 2017.


Prince Harry’s speech is a delightful reminder of the love the royal princes share for their father, in spite of the drama in their past. Following the death of Princess Diana, Prince Charles doubled down on efforts to make sure his sons were well taken care of and loved.


In a 2017 interview on BBC Radio 4’s 'Today' program, Prince Charles and Prince Harry seemed particularly affectionate. Prince Charles referred to his father as "pa" while they spoke about climate change. As for Prince Charles, he called his son “darling boy” when making a comment about Prince Harry’s interest in safeguarding the planet.

Hopefully, relations between the royals stay positive and they pass down these same values to the younger royals.

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