Princess Diana Had A Sentimental Reason For Wearing Two Watches Instead Of One

Date June 15, 2018

Princess Diana remains one of the most fashionable royals out of the British family in recent times. Her sense of style and wardrobe choices were always statement-worthy. And she was never shy about wearing jewelry that had sentimental value to her.


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Before and after her marriage to Prince Charles, she would wear a simple name pendant with the letter “D,” and when her children were born, she would wear charm bracelets with their initials, “W” or “H.” She even had a special one with the letter “X” to celebrate her 10th anniversary with Prince Charles.

Perhaps the most sentimental fashion choice the late Princess Diana made was wearing two wristwatches. Back then, it may have seemed a bit odd, but she had a good reason. At the start of their relationship, observers said she was madly in love with Prince Charles and found little ways to show it.


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While at his polo games, she would wear his wristwatch as a gesture of her affection and in some ways, as a totem of good luck. As the marriage progressed, the second wristwatch disappeared entirely, but it was a romantic sight while it lasted.

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In similar fashion, Kate Middleton also has a thing for jewelry herself. She often gets delightful gifts from her husband, Prince William, and other members of the royal family. Her sister Pipa once gave her a necklace at the birth of Prince George.


The necklace was made of gold and had a gold-plated disc with the words George Alexander Louis engraved on it. Also, there was a small heart with a "W" (for William) and a charm in the shape of a little boy.


This necklace was a tribute to the late Princess Diana who received a similar necklace from Prince Charles in 1982 when Prince William was born. Aaaaw. One thing is sure: The royals do love their jewelry, and it is one tradition that is not going anywhere soon.

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