Delusional Immigrant? President Trump Refuses To Accept The Fact His Father Was Not Born In Germany

Date October 1, 2018

In 1999, Donald Trump acknowledged the fact that he is a descendant of immigrants when he served as grand marshal at the annual German-American Steuben Parade in New York City in 1999. For many years before, he claimed to be a New Yorker although his father, Fred Trump, claimed to be from Sweden.

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In 2011, when he made his return to the parade, Trump spoke highly of his newly embraced German heritage. In a sense, this was his public acknowledgment of his ancestry. Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was just a teenager when he came to the United States in 1885. Before then, he lived in the city of Kallstadt, which Trump now accepts as his home.

Nevertheless, President Trump still insists that his father, Fred Trump, was born in Europe, even though he was not. Fred Trump was born in New York and his birth certificate proves it. Trump’s mother, Mary McLeod was born in Scotland but even she eventually became an American citizen by marriage.

It could be a gimmick

As of July 2018, the President was still suggesting that his parents were born in Europe. Speaking on potential tariffs on European countries still engaged in business with Iran, he noted that he had a connection to Europe because his parents were born there.

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Donald still says his father is German by birth and this conclusion is very worrying, considering his stance on immigration and his ‘put America first’ position in general. Could President Trump be trying to gain sympathy from European countries by suggesting his parents are from Europe? Is this a ploy to get Europe on his side?

Is he delusional?

Some commentators have even suggested that the President may need mental evaluation, probably to decipher if he suffers from selective memory loss or if he is intentionally denying the facts.

Clearly, the President does not intend to change his story, no matter how untrue it is. In the end, Fred Trump's legitimate birth certificate is still all the truth the world needs.

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