Cheeky Little Royals: Savannah Phillips And Her Excited Cousins Have Created A Most Hilarious Gif Moment

Date June 11, 2018

With the flurry of activity surrounding the royal wedding, many other royals got only so much press. But some of the little royals had their own fair share of attention, especially on the wedding day. Last month, Prince George and Princess Charlotte served as page boy and flower girl for their uncle, Prince Harry.


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Princess Charlotte was her usual perky self, smiling for the cameras and looking very excited to be part of the wedding. As for Prince George, he was not so happy. The little royal is often much calmer than his sister in public although his parents say he can be pretty feisty at home.


The children were also present at the Trooping the Color parade on June 9 alongside their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And just like they did at the royal wedding, Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show.

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The future king could not contain himself during the fly-past and had his mouth open for longer than courtesy demands, so much so his cousin, Queen Elizabeth‘s great-granddaughter Savannah Phillips, clapped a hand over his mouth.

Princess Charlotte had troubles all her own when she tripped and fell while caught up in the excitement of the parade. Thankfully her mom, the Duchess, was close by to pick her up and comfort. In no time, little Charlotte was back to her normal excited self.

The little Prince and Princess are growing a following of their own that may soon rival some of the older royals. Thankfully, their parents insist on raising them as normal children despite royal privileges. So even though they get to attend ceremonies with the older royals, nothing stops them from having fun while at it.

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