New Polls Show American Women Do Not Love Melania And Ivanka Trump As Much As The President Believes

Date July 2, 2018

President Donald Trump has earned himself a reputation within and outside the United States that is not entirely pleasant. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University suggests that women in America do not seem to like the First Lady Melania Trump a lot.

When female respondents were asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the FLOTUS, less than 50% of respondents were of the former. A sampling of white women with college degrees showed only 49% had favorable opinions of her.


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In addition, another poll conducted by Ipsos for the Daily Beast shows that even Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter is not getting a lot of love either. She scored 46% in unfavorable opinions.

However, President Trump has his own thoughts about these polls. On Wednesday night, while speaking at a rally in North Dakota, he told the gathering that Americans loved his wife and daughter, especially American women.

My daughter and my wife, Melania, they love the women, and the women love them. And the men love them.

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But the recent polls say otherwise and some Americans have taken to social media, voicing their concerns about the President’s statements.

Oddly, the polls showed higher favorability rating amongst men than women, a stark contrast to what President Donald Trump suggested. Melania Trump has come under fire for failing to live up to her promises to stand for issues pertaining to women, especially women’s right.

However, public support for the first lady has been on the decline. The recent saga between Stormy Daniels and the President did win her some attention, but it seems this has only done so much to help her image.

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