Kevin Bacon's Children Are All Grown Up – And Look A Lot Like Their Parents

Date November 16, 2018

For Kevin Bacon, being a father has been his proudest accomplishment so far. The 58-year-old actor spoke about his family life and the reason behind his success in raising his children thus far with his wife, 51-year-old Kyra Sedgwick.

He attributed it to the fact that he and Kyra had a very different kind of parenting style, which they have been applying for the past 30 years of their marriage.

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Talking about their parenting style, Kevin and Kyra were never authoritative towards their children. Their kids are very independent when it comes to learning.


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His son refused to let him teach him how to ride a bike or even swim. Instead, he chose to learn how to do those things on his own. He also spoke about the kind of relationship he has with his daughter. According to him, they talk about everything, from acting to the movie industry.


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Following in their parents' footsteps

Not only do they look like their parents, but 29-year-old Travis Bacon and 26-year-old Sosie Bacon are both following in their parents' footsteps. Travis Bacon is a musician and an actor, whereas Susie Bacon is an actress.

Susie Bacon told E! News that she has been auditioning for a while now. She also mentioned she's been in a number of short films, indie features, and readings.

Meanwhile, Travis Bacon's debut movie, Loverboy, put him into the limelight. According to Married Biography, he is also a member of the rock-punk-funk band, Idiot Box.

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They have a family tattoo

Their children may be adults, but they definitely understand what it means to stick with your family and honor their traditions.



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In an interview with The Late Show with James Corden, Kyra Sedgwick admitted she spearheaded her family getting a 'family tattoo'. She said:

I and my family were walking, and we were on our way to dinner that night when I said, 'Let's all get really drunk and get tattoos!'

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Years later, she and her family got a tattoo with all their initials on it.

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