From Cleaning Toilets To Marrying Rich: Sarah Ferguson's Incredible Rise To Royalty

Date September 19, 2018

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew were childhood friends who fell out of touch, only to meet again years later at a party in Windsor Castle, which they were invited to by Princess Diana.


In 1986, they got married. However, it didn't last and they were divorced ten years later.


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Sarah Ferguson's unroyal jobs

59-year-old Sarah Ferguson is now a television presenter. While this might be a little surprising, those that know her background will find it fitting.

Before marrying Prince Andrew, she was a waitress and worked many odd jobs, including cleaning toilets.


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In an interview with the Mirror, she talked about her past experience as a custodial worker.

I cleaned lavatories when I was 18 and graduate's bedrooms; they all left it very messy.

She went on to work for a London public relations firm and later took jobs at a publishing house and art gallery.


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Life after the divorce

While Sarah and Prince Andrew ended up getting divorced, they've remained close friends which have sparked rumors about remarriage. They are often seen walking in public together and have also been quoted saying that they never really broke up.

The prince has also helped her greatly. For example, in 2011, he helped her narrowly escape bankruptcy. That same year, she appeared on reality series Finding Sarah, which aired on Oprah Winfrey’s television network.

Sarah Ferguson's reversal of fortune


Today, Sarah Ferguson has a net worth of over a million dollars and is heavily involved in community service, charity, and fund-raising. She is also the author of children's book Ashley Learns About Strangers. Her book teaches children about what to do if they are lost and offers guides on how to stay safe.

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Sarah Ferguson