Donald Trump Suggested Breasts Implants For His Darling: Shocking Revelations In The Latest Book On America's First Family

Date June 26, 2018

According to the latest book about the First Family, Donald Trump encouraged his daughter Ivanka to increase her breasts with the help of the implants. The work’s author, Emily Jane Fox, also revealed some other intimate details about the 36-year-old model.

Odd relationship

How far can the father-daughter relationship go in terms of weirdness? The question becomes quite logical if all the odd president’s comments are chained together.

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Take, for example, the latest scandal with Stormy. According to the woman, Donald mentioned that Daniels resembled his daughter Ivanka. Moreover, the president has repeatedly acknowledged Ivanka’s “perfect body” and claimed he significantly helped her create it.


Latest bestseller

According to the newest book, Born Trump: Inside America's First Family, written by Emily Jane Fox, Donald can be at least proud of one thing he encouraged his daughter to do. The American author provided a deep insight in the most targeted family and gave an extensive overview of the Trumps’ early years. One of the most interesting facts stated in the book concerned Ivanka and her beginning of the modeling career:

As a teenager, Ivanka Trump was encouraged by her dad to get breast implants.

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Emily stated Donald was sure it would benefit her modeling business significantly, so his suggestion seemed reasonable for him. Moreover, the American author revealed Ivanka’s early scandal when she flashed her breasts at a hot dog seller across from the posh Chapin school. She used to lie to her teachers about the missed classes and worked on the portfolio while being just in the eighth grade.


Other revelations

The book suggests dozens of other revelations, including other family members. However, perhaps, the most interesting one concerns Ivanka’s possible presidency application. Donald’s daughter is reportedly expected to run for president one day.


She is a skilled businesswoman, mastered negotiator, and can definitely owe some experience from her father, currently holding the targeted position. Let’s see how it all goes.

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