Desi Arnaz Jr. Welcomed His First Daughter As A Teenager But Got In Touch With Her Only 22 Years Later

Date June 29, 2018

Lucille Ball’s previously unknown granddaughter Julia spoke out about her father’s revelation and the way they set up their relationship after so many years apart.

Daughter in 15

Desi Arnaz Jr. was a problematic boy. His celebrity parents lived their own life, and despite being treated “like a real son” on a TV show, the boy experienced little attention. Music and drugs played an integral part in his teenage life. Under the influence of the trendy dangers and due to the lack of attention, Desi Arnaz Jr. became a father to his daughter, Julia, at 15.

He was immediately limited from his girlfriend, and it wasn’t until 1990 when he officially assured via the DNA test that Julia was his daughter.

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Amazing reunion

The distant relatives now try to fix their relationship. Julia was also suffering from drug addiction and claimed her father Desi Arnaz Jr. helped her forget about the killing habit, as he was also the one to have the similar problem:

[He] has put me through many rehabs. I am happy to say I live drug-free, from that horrible drug called cocaine.

Julia has a daughter, Desiree, and Desi is claimed to pay for his granddaughter’s college.

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Already 25 years had passed when Julia and her father began resuming their almost lost relationship, so hopefully, the two will continue their communication to forget about the past troubles.

Bright future

Even though Julia is proud of being a part of such a famous family, she never had a chance to meet her celebrity grandparents, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Luckily, the understanding of her relation to the Arnaz family will forever stay with her regardless of the pitiful youth years.

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