Joanne Rogers Revealed Her Husband's Sacred Number And Explained Its Intimate Meaning For Their Family

Date June 15, 2018

Joanne Rogers visits Fallon’s show to share the most sacred secret they had together with Fred during their entire life. 50 years of their mutual love were marked with never expiring feelings even after his death.

Marriage proposal

They met at Rollins College in Florida. They were both studying music. They were both madly deep in love with each other. Unfortunately, Fred graduated from the college to receive his first job offer as a producer’s assistant. However, he didn’t want to leave alone.


He composed the parting letter… ending with the marriage proposal to Joanne. She said “Yes!” The happy couple lived 50 years after that, welcoming two children till death did them part.

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“Mr. Rogers” died in 2003 due to the stomach cancer. However, his love towards Joanne never left this world. On the contrary, it was only increasing with every new memory about their sweet relationship.

Magic number

The recent documentary about Fred Rogers “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” took the public by the storm.

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Even Jimmy Fallon was surprised to hear a few previously unknown facts from Joanne’s husband life. He was even more surprised when Mrs. Rogers said Fred had a favorite number with the heartwarming secret.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

Mr. Rogers always kept fit and held his weight at 143 pounds during the most of his life. Moreover, the number 143 was a reason Joanne lived with Fred for so long. She confessed each of the numerals defined the specific words with 1 standing for “I,” 4 meaning “love,” and 3 of course “you.”

That is definitely the cutest declaration of love ever.

Final parting

Unfortunately, their amazing life ended beforehand. Fred died in 2003 due to the stomach cancer.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

Joanne claimed he passed away with pain but definitely left this world happy, as he knew his true love was always there for him.

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