Smart Animals For Ardent Dog-Lovers: Elizabeth And Camilla Show Their Relationship During The Charity Event

Date June 7, 2018

Queen Elizabeth and Camilla visited the 10th-anniversary celebration featuring the birthday of Medical Detection Dogs charity. Both royals looked cheerful while sharing their opinions on the smart animals with their owners and each other.

Royal visit

The British Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall praised numerous dogs for their extraordinary detecting abilities during the Medical Detection Dogs charity anniversary celebration.

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The animals showed their abilities to find early-stages of life-threatening diseases, including cancer. The intelligent dogs have also demonstrated their capabilities to warn their owners about upcoming epilepsy and even diabetes. After the performance, the Queen praised the dogs, underlining her exquisite love to the four-legged barking friends:

He is clearly very clever. I can imagine that you can’t imagine life without him.


Women's chatting

Elizabeth and Camilla looked delighted with the performance and were constantly noticed sharing their impressions with each other during the demonstration. 

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It is worth mentioning the Duchess of Cornwall has been a MedDetectDogs patron since 2014, meaning the 10th anniversary is special for her as well.

The royals later communicated with the authorities of the charity and listened to the importance of such animals to the ill patients:

Claire Pesterfield, 45, from Hitchen, Hertfordshire, who has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was a teenager, says that in five years Magic has warned her of danger more than 4,500 times. He has literally saved her life.


Weight off shoulders

All hardships and rumors are far behind. Elizabeth and Camilla have already become good friends and continue strengthening their relations day after day.


Such joint events are perfect examples that the royal family can’t be a place for adversity or ill reputation.

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