Royal Family's Big Mistake: Etiquette Expert William Hanson Described The New Duchess' Behavior

Date May 22, 2018 15:32

Meghan Markle and her behavior are still to be adjusted to the royal family. Etiquette expert William Hanson explained why some of the deeds were disastrous as from the new duchess’ side, as from her new noble family.

Protocol expert

William Hanson is a respectful etiquette expert. His youth and courage combined with the old-fashioned traditions made him one of the most trusted authority on sticking to the protocols.

William is able to provide trainings and master-classes to the private household, embassies, schools, and businesses of the various spheres. However, perhaps, his most favorite target for the protocol appropriateness is the royal family.

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Something is wrong

William claimed the royal family made a big mistake when they didn’t send the household member to Mr. Markle before the wedding. Moreover, he was sure Meghan should learn a lot from another commoner marrying a royal member – Catherine:

One of the issues seen this week with members of royalty marrying commoners, is that when you marry someone who has not grown up in this environment, no matter how bright and intelligent they may be, it can be disconcerting and accidents can happen.


The interesting fact the royal family didn’t send anyone to Meghan’s father is underlined even more with the Middletons family. They were much more attuned to the things going around their daughter before she became a nobility member.


Before the modern tradition of marrying commoners became a normal experience, the royals didn’t bond their hearts with anybody except of the other royals. Even though these marriages were loveless, both sides knew how to behave:

Meghan is very independent, very headstrong and I would hope she would not be too headstrong or stubborn to accept or listen to this advice. I hope that she does listen to her new relatives, as well as Harry and members of 'blood royalty'.

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Perhaps, this can be explained with the fact that Harry is already the sixth in the line to the throne, whereas William is waiting for his time just after Charles.


Meghan's future

Meghan Markle might be one of the most unexpected royal family members in the recent times. The fact that she does a lot of things like Diana is vivid, including the fact that the deceased princess was the first commoner to enter the family in the last 300 years.


Maybe, consciously or not, Meghan takes after Diana, and she might be on the right way of becoming the second People’s Princess ever.

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