Second Attempt Was Successful: 38th Anniversary For Lucie Arnaz And Laurence Luckinbill

Date June 26, 2018 16:28

Lucie Arnaz and Laurence Luckinbill celebrated their 38th anniversary. Just like a year ago and a year before that and all the previous years, the couple feels insanely in love with each other.


Second chance

Lucie and Laurence thought they had missed their chances. Both had failed their first marriages before meeting each other and perceiving the true love for real. They were having their Broadway shows in different theatres, and Laurence noticed a “fresh, new, different” actress in her opening night.

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However, he simply forgot that woman for a month until they both met again in a restaurant by accident. The two became friends, and since those times, they are never separated.

Happy anniversary

Lucie was 28, while Laurence was 45. He already had two sons from the previous marriage. However, none of these obstacles prevented the couple from falling in love with each other. 38 years together and three beautiful children are a perfect proof of the immense mutual understanding.

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A year ago, when Lucie and Laurence were celebrating their 37th anniversary, she shared a beautiful photo of the two, underlining how “crazy” in love the couple had been for all those years. The year after, Arnaz stated nothing had changed in his glance.

Parental past

Even though Lucie’s parents didn’t succeed in a long-term relationship and failed to live together “till death made them part,” Lucie has her happiness, regardless of achieving it from the second attempt.

She proved that parental experience does not determine the future of children.


Happy anniversary, Lucie and Laurence!

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