Are Feminism And Royal Life Incompatible For Meghan Markle? Her Numerous Changes In Traditions Have The Explanation

Feminist-princess – is it a reality? Meghan Markle asked this question with her behavior, and people have different thoughts about it. Let’s analyze all sides of the issue in an attempt to answer the question the Duchess of Sussex introduced to the world.

Feministic lifestyle

Meghan Markle considers herself a feminist. That is exactly what her behavior looks like. Her recent credentials outlined on the monarchy website on the gender equality issue her personal experience from being a tender girl to becoming “a woman and feminist.”

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Moreover, her numerous changes in traditions underline desire to prove her essence. She had her own unaccompanied part on the way to the Chapel. The “vow of obedience” was changed and instead of the words “man and wife” people heard “husband and wife.” Her addressing to Donald Trump in 2016, when she called him “misogynistic” and “divisive,” is a perfect documented proof of her feminist mindset.


New title incompatibility

However, people have doubts whether such revolutionary woman can be a princess and a fighter for the women rights equality at the same time.

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The case is that once you enter the royal family, you become the one who listens to all the recommendations. This is mostly domestic life without much possibility to express your personal opinion with fashion rules marked with their modesty and of course, sticking to a lifestyle your husband and his relatives have been leading for centuries.

That is completely different from the term “feminism.”

Keep on changing

Now, another question became relevant – is Meghan Markle persistent enough to introduce the revolutionizing changes into the royal family?


Her recent behavior has already been hyped on the web. When the newlywed Duke and Duchess of Sussex were getting into their Jaguar, Harry opened a door for Meghan… who did the same for him.

Well, we are anticipating an interesting scenario developing inside the royal family and only time will tell where it'll bring us to.

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