"Diana Was A Manipulative And Paranoid Mother": The Scandalous Biographical Book Reveals The Late Princess' Secrets

Date June 7, 2018

The ideal image of Princess Diana may seem illusive according to her son’s Harry scandalous biography book 'Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son'. The author had doubts regarding the perfect motherhood experience the late royal could provide to her children.

Ideal mom

Whom would you call the best mother in the world?


The Church of England conducted an interesting poll recently to find out about the British opinion of the ideal mom. Maybe it is Virgin Mary? No, she got only eighth place. Queen Elizabeth? She is fourth with mother Teresa coming third. Even the answer “My own mother” was on the second place, giving the lead to Princess Diana. British consider the late princes a role model as a mother and tend to believe there is no better caring woman.

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Painted image

However, not everybody agrees with such opinion. According to journalist and royal biographer Penny Junor, Diana’s image was completely different from the one people used to think about.

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She stresses about Diana's personal childhood problems, as she didn’t perceive the real mother’s love while being a kid. That is why her constant conflicts with the nannies caused serious concerns in the boy’s upbringing:

Diana wasn't thinking like a mother. She was the child still nursing those feelings of abandonment and emptiness that she had carried for so much of her life; hellbent on self-aggrandisement and self-justification – and ultimately, self-destruction.


Penny Junor also discussed Diana’s abusive behavior towards Camilla. After the people’s princess left the royal residence, she would constantly terrorize Charles’ new mistress with night phone calls:

They were always made in the dead of the night, when Camilla was alone in her country house in the middle of nowhere. “I've sent someone to kill you,” Diana would say. “They're outside in the garden. Look out of the window; can you see them?”


The author claimed the boys have been in deep love with the Princess because Diana was a manipulative, paranoid mother and knew how to attract their attention.

Still the best

Even though the controversial book hits the shelves, nothing really changed in people’s attitude towards Diana. Her boys remained faithful to her despite all the grime revealed by Junor. Harry, William, and the entire British nation love the late “ideal mother” that will forever stay in their hearts as a caring and joyful woman.

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