Parkinson's What? Michael J. Fox Reveals His Pursuit Of Happiness To Beat The Disease

Date November 14, 2018

The iconic Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox's blood ran cold after hearing his diagnosis: Parkinson's Disease. Of course, it's not every day that you get such shattering news about your health's decline.


Once, while filming Doc Hollywood in 1990, Fox woke up in his hotel room due to an irritating feeling: his pinky finger was witching relentlessly. At 29, the comedic actor was diagnosed with the disease, which disables movement and other nervous components, such as speech and muscles, with a bunch of debilitating symptoms.

I got this diagnosis, and it freaked me out, and I ran from it. I drank to obliterate it, to make it go away. Then I said, ‘I need to learn more about this.’ And after it was alarming and freakish and scary and nightmarish, Parkinson’s was settling. I was able to accept the fact of it, accept the truth of it. But acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means accepting and then moving on.

Parkinson's What? Michael J. Fox Reveals His Pursuit Of Happiness To Beat The Diseasegettyimages

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Although Michael was extremely frightened about his disease and the changes to come, he made himself believe in good things and fight for own life.

Stay strong, M

The most essential thing to do with any disease is to stay positive. In a recent ET interview, Michael J. got candid about his health issues and how he manages to stay still.

I'm really into acceptance, and acceptance means you resign to something. But you have to recognize it is what it is. Deal with it and move on. And when you do that, you can keep it in check — it is what it is. Ninety-nine percent of the rest of my life is not Parkinson’s, it's other stuff, and that keeps me busy, and I don't feel sorry for myself.


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The star stopped drinking once he found about his disease, began donating a lot of money to Parkinson's Disease funding, and created The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research. He's also a doting husband and the father of 4 children, and they make him thrive and stay strong.

I see people with their little toddlers in the stroller or something I just want to grab them and say you have no idea how fast this will go. This goes so fast.


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Hopefully, the Back to the Future actor will maintain his current state and keep himself strong and optimistic with the help of loved ones.

4 principles of happiness

Michael J. Fox shared his rules for a bright, delightful life. He said that family had helped him a lot to overcome the disease's symptoms and fight his health issues on a daily basis. Here is Fox's pursuit of happiness:

  1. Accept what you can't change.
  2. Let go of judgment.
  3. Practice patience.
  4. Go for it. 

No struggles and concerns should stop you from achieving your dreams. If you ever feel lonely and weak, remember your family, dreams, and purpose in life, and everything will be alright.

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