"The Shooter Chose A Different Night": Ashton Kutcher Shockingly Shares His Fear About The CA Shooting

Date November 12, 2018 17:22

The news about the Southern California massacre has been flying around the internet. 

What happened?

A hooded gunman opened fire at the Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks. The bar is a well-known hangout spot among college students, and the place was the scene of a party that night.

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Ian David Long, 28, killed at least 11 people, including a local sheriff's sergeant. Later, the police found the killer's body in the office, where he had most likely committed suicide. 

Potential victim

Mila Kunis threw a birthday party for Ashton Kutcher at Borderline bar earlier this year. The actor couldn't let his shock go after hearing this shattering news:

Only reason we are alive is the shooter chose a different night. 


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Kutcher and Kunis have been in shock since the news and couldn't believe how lucky they were that their party didn't take place at that terrible moment. The actor called for gun reform, citing the deaths of innocent people at the end of guns. 

Anyone could have been at the bar, and that's why this madness should stop! 

Previous statement

This incident wasn't the first time Ashton Kutcher spoke out for gun reform. In 2017, after the Las Vegas shooting, Kutcher wrote about tightening gun control in the USA.

Let's pray. Then let's change the law. I've had a gun since I was 12 yrs old but enough is enough. I'm a hunter and a sportsman, but nobody needs these weapons.

The country needs to reconsider gun enforcement laws and pay close attention, because such shootings may reoccur repeatedly.

"The Shooter Chose A Different Night": Ashton Kutcher Shockingly Shares His Fear About The CA Shootinggettyimages

It is distressing to realize that we cannot protect ourselves from twisted people. Yes, we can take precautions, but we cannot guarantee a safe and sound life due to such terrible individuals.

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