"My Heart Was Broken In Many Pieces": Jennifer Lopez's First Ex-Husband Shames Her For Choosing Career Over Love

Date May 21, 2019

Indeed, Jennifer Lopez has been married or dated many men throughout her lifetime. Even though she is now having her head in the clouds over the engagement with Alex Rodriguez, she broke up with all her partners in the past.

J.Lo and her first-time husband Ojani Noa tied the knot in 1997 and got divorced in less than a year later. He was a simple waiter when the two met each other (although later, he became a restaurateur).

Did you even know about him?


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Career over love

Jennifer Lopez's dating history is pretty long, but you might be curious why she broke up with Ojani Noa so soon after marriage. 

Lopez and Noa, who split in 1998, were caught in a web of lawsuits for seven years over their divorce and honeymoon videotapes, on which J.Lo was recorded "stripping down."


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Ex-husband No.1 wanted to publish a book in 2007, but the judge awarded Lopez and banned him from disclosing any private information permanently. So, his business partner Ed Meyer will reportedly do so. The book is titled Ex, Lies & Videotapes.


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Moreover, despite splitting almost 20 years ago, the star's first husband still finds it hard to let go.

That was my first love, my first marriage. I was looking forward to being with her for the rest of my life. It didn't happen. She made the choice of her career instead of me.


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Ojani Noa's heart "was broken in many pieces," hurting him so badly. Maybe, he still loves her deep inside and acts now as a bad boy to attract her attention?

It still hurts

Jennifer Lopez's first ex-husband claims she shouldn't be married at all! He believes everybody is making him a bad guy, although he was "honestly in love with her."

Ojani Noa says he has never said any bad word about her, but he questions the Latina singer about being "marriage material." Hence, he concludes that such people as Jennifer only hurt people and should be single, not married.


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Well, he does seem to be hurting a lot. What do you think?