Still Remember Baby Dream? The Kardashians Post Rare But Lovely Snaps Of Rob's Baby's B-Day

Date November 16, 2018

The media always lashes out news about the Kardashians and their babies. Well, even sisters themselves post thousands of photos of their 'stars'. But what about Dream Kardashian? It seems like everyone forgets about her. 

Knock-knock! Who's there? Dream K!

While the majority of people think that the Kardashians are solely sisters, let's disagree and remember their brother, Rob Kardashian, 31. He has a cute daughter, 2-year-old Dream, with his wife, Blac Chyna. 

Recently baby girl had a 2nd birthday, and only her own mother, grandmother Kris, and Kim Kardashian posted cute pictures on social media. 


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Though other Kardashian-Jenner kids are constantly in the spotlight, no one would say the same about Dream. That's probably why Kris wanted to 'repay' and made even 2 B-day posts:

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Dream!!!! You have brought such joy into our lives, and I love you so dearly… what a special blessing you are my precious girl. I LOVE YOU 🎀🎀🎀💞💕💝💖💗💓💘May you always have bubbles!!

She then further added: 

Happy birthday to our sweet angel Dream! It brings me so much joy to watch you grow into the most beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted and loving little girl. We love you so much!!


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Hopefully, Dream will remember such gestures from her grandmother and aunties! 

Rare snaps

Probably the rest of Kardashians felt shame and made a birthday celebration for baby Dream. The little girl dressed up in a very fancy gown with a headband on her brown curly hair. 

Anties like Kiley, Khloe, and Kim joined the lavish party full of joy, gifts, and care treats. Indeed, all of them cannot imagine life without social media, so they quickly posted a bunch of photos with Dream. 


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Everything was flashing: Decorations, flowers, butterflies. The Kardashians even invited two 'godmothers' so that all Dream's wishes will sooner or later come true. 


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Well, that's good to realize that they still remember Dream. And of course, it's even better to share her cute face and gorgeous attire. 

Dream's parents

Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna tied the knot on April 2016. Shortly after Dream Renée was born, the couple broke up. 

Rob broke into his wife's phone and read Chayna's correspondence with her friend, where the girl wrote that she was with him just for the last name Kardashian, and Rob himself was "fat, lazy, and stupid."

Hopefully, baby Dream will grow up as a strong and healthy girl, and no family drama will somehow affect her in the future. 

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